Down in the Trenches

    Global Investment Voice
    Global Investment Voice
    Down in the Trenches

    Mona and Mark are joined by Sam Husain to discuss the increase of EB5 Projects, delayed adjudications, as well as the effects on the South East Asian market.

    In this episode, you will be able to:

    • Discover current EB-5 program trends in Southeast Asia and gain insights into potential investment opportunities.
    • Understand investor interest in US immigration and how it impacts EB-5 project funding and success.
    • Explore the impact of fee hikes on investors and how it influences decision-making in EB-5 investments.
    • Learn strategic marketing tactics for EB-5 projects to attract and engage potential investors effectively.
    • Recognize the importance of cultural understanding in EB-5 investments and its impact on investor relations and project success.

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